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3 Preventative Steps That Save Big on Future Braces and Tooth Replacement

While intensive procedures like orthodontics or implants restore smiles marvelously, practicing conscientious prevention through lifelong good oral habits represents the most cost-effective approach according to the experts at Discovery Dental & Implants. 

Small investments in personal care upfront yield enormous dividends curbing future restoration expenses and maintaining dental health naturally well into advanced ages. Here are three keys to savings worth implementing according to your partners in oral wellness at Discovery Dental & Implants.

Brush Twice Daily

Establishing diligent at-home hygiene as routine as washing your face lays the foundation for saving significantly versus later alternatives. Electric toothbrushes enhance manual techniques, while interdental brushes and sticks remove plaque from between teeth more affordably than expensive periodontal treatments down the line. Choosing a custom-fitted night guard from Discovery Dental & Implants also prevents costly restorations from damage like teeth grinding. 

Floss Daily

Though an additional 120 seconds, flossing removes sticky plaque causing 90% of cavities and gum disease according to your hygienist at Discovery Dental & Implants. Left unchecked, this progresses to bone and tooth loss demanding pricey reconstructive procedures like periodontal surgery, multiple fillings, or even extractions. Investing in oral irrigators or periodontal tools deep cleans pockets more thoroughly maintaining health naturally.

Schedule Routine Cleanings 

Regular exams and cleanings by Discovery Dental & Implants catch potential issues earliest addressing them least invasively. Delaying or skipping these identify problems later demanding root canals or even tooth replacement. Most insurance covers two cleanings and exams annually, an absolute bargain versus extensive restorative bills later. 

Schedule Your Preventative Exam Today

By empowering yourself with proper self-care practices and regular professional guidance, your smile’s foundation remains strong naturally for a lifetime according to the experts at Discovery Dental & Implants. Contact us regarding custom hygiene or treatment plans optimizing your oral wellness affordably for confidence worth more than any potential future alternative. Put prevention front and center for lifetime savings!

A woman’s teeth being inspected by a dental surgeon using dental tools

Our extensively trained surgeons meticulously actuate along predetermined paths navigating dense cortical thickness for secure anchoring.

Once Osseointegration matures between 2-4 months, fixed teeth materialize.

Digital treatment plans sculpt porcelain representing patients’ ideal contours, shapes, colors, and expressions in vivid detail. CAD/CAM capabilities now mill restorations with impeccable tolerances allowing seamless seated integration crowning anchors instantaneously after mold verification.

Contrasted to instability from dislodging or tissue irritation common with dentures, All-on-4 restorations dynamically respond like natural roots. Their legitimacy emanates pure confidence to smile, chew, and live without limitations. Revitalizing oral function and facial appearance boosts not only physical but also psychological well-being.

Here at Discovery Dental & Implants, All-on-4 leads permanent solutions restoring whole personalities. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation exploring how this remarkable technology could transform your outlook once deemed impossible.

Your radiant identity awaits reassuring discovery!

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