All-on-4® Treatment Concept

Dentures and bridges have long been used to replace missing teeth— with such great success that we still use them today. Of course, our materials and design methods have improved since the days of George Washington’s famous false teeth.

Just as the dentures and bridges themselves are better than ever, our attachment methods have improved as well. One innovation that we’re particularly excited about is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept.

What Is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

This treatment concept involves using dental implants— rather than adhesives— to secure an arch of replacement teeth. As the name implies, all of the replacement teeth are supported on four strategically placed dental implants.

This means that we can use fewer dental implants to replace your teeth!

How do Dental Implants Work?

Implants are one of the most popular modern methods of replacing missing teeth. They consist of three basic parts: the root, the connector, and the crown.

The root of an implant is a titanium rod that is placed directly into your jaw, right where the natural tooth root used to be. As your mouth heals, the bone itself fuses around the rod in a process called osseointegration.

This makes both the root and the bone stronger than they were before. These dental implants provide a secure and long-lasting anchor for the rest of the tooth structure.

A connector—or abutment—usually attaches a custom-crafted crown onto the titanium root. However, in the case of the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, we use a full set of dentures rather than a single crown.

What Are the Benefits of Using the All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

This revolutionary concept comes with a number of benefits for your dental health. When we use this concept for replacing your teeth, you can enjoy:

Longevity | Dental Implants that were first placed over thirty years ago are still healthy, whole, and just as effective as when they were new. Implants are designed to last.

Permanence | WIth an implant-supported system, you’ll never have to worry about your adhesive slipping or your snap-on denture coming loose. You won’t even have to take your denture or bridge out at night to clean and store. It will be just as though you have brand new teeth!

Convenience | You do not need to remove these permanent teeth at night or prepare them in the morning. With implant-supported bridges and dentures, you can wake up with your own comfortable, custom-designed teeth already ready to go!

Ask Us About the All-on-4® Treatment Concept

If you are missing many or even most of your teeth, anchoring your replacement teeth on dental implants may be the perfect answer for you. If you have any questions about this option, contact us today!