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Beat Tooth Sensitivity for Good with Custom Treatments That Actually Work

Tooth sensitivity afflicting smiles requires addressing root causes through specially tailored solutions from Discovery Dental & Implants. Their specialists identify underlying sources creating personalized resolution plans to ensure relief lasts.

Evaluating the Issue
A thorough clinical exam and case history pinpoint triggers like acidic drinks, aggressive brushing, gum recession, or cracked enamel. Questions clarify symptoms helping Discovery Dental & Implants experts differentiate between thermal or tactile sensitivities requiring unique remedies.

Targeting the Target
For gum recession exposing roots, in-office treatments like desensitizing sealants or gels form a protective barrier stabilizing tubules conducting sensations. Additionally, reconstructive gum grafts cover surfaces minimizing contact with irritants long-term.

Cracked tooth structure benefits from fillings or porcelain veneers restoring contours to proper form while sealing discomfort origins. Dental implants replacing severely worn teeth eliminate sensitivity through fusing to the bone.

At-Home Heroics
Discovery Dental & Implants tailors homecare addressing daily aggravators. Electric toothbrushes gently clean without abrasion trauma. Sensodyne or other potassium nitrate “blockers” pastes and rinses numb tooth nerves providing 8-12 hours of relief according to clinical trials.

Applying desensitizing agents to wet toothbrush bristles concentrates medicine within tubules blocking sensations for minutes. Xylitol gum chewing stimulates saliva flow further protecting enamel through natural remineralization over weeks.

Mild habits like guiding toothbrush angle, lukewarm rinsing, and avoidance of extreme hot/cold limit future sensitivity development. These simple shifts sustain tailored treatment effects.

Following Up Ensures Success
Discovery Dental & Implants follow sensitivity cases through subsequent cleanings evaluating resolution. Customization frequently combines medicaments, dietary changes, and professionally supplied oral appliances optimizing contact duration onto afflicted areas for complete, lasting relief.

Your smile deserves addressing sensitivity at its root. Call Discovery Dental & Implants today to schedule an exam confidently addressing this disruptive issue through comprehensive, personalized care tailored uniquely for your situation.

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