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Beautiful Alternatives to Dentures That Restore Your Youthful Smile

We’ve all seen those creepy old movies from the 1920s where Grandma has a full set of pearly whites that look like they could fall out at any moment. And the weird thing is, back then those loose false chompers were considered a normal part of aging! 

Thankfully, dentistry has come a long way since then. At Discovery Dental & Implants, these days, there are tons of awesome modern options beyond dentures to restore a youthful smile.

If you’ve lost some teeth over the years, you probably know how much of a confidence-killer dentures can be. Sure, they’re way better than nothing – but they never feel natural and sometimes slip around when you eat. Not to mention, they don’t look super convincing from afar. Luckily, today’s dental tech has answers that are virtually invisible like implants, bridges, and bone grafting. 

What are dental implants, you ask? They’re artificial tooth roots placed surgically into your jawbone. And soon after a few months of waiting, you have your customized crown fitted on top of the roots that looks and acts just like your original tooth. Implants have come so far that they’re almost indistinguishable from your original pearly whites. Plus, unlike dentures, they don’t come in and out – they’re permanently fixed in place so you can chew and speak normally again.

So awesome, right? But not everyone is a candidate. That’s where All-On-4 comes in. It’s a type of implant solution where four implants in the back anchor a full upper or lower denture securely in place. This keeps the denture from shifting around like regular dentures. And their specialty dentists are now placing them in just one day! People with bone loss or medical issues still have a beautiful fixed option.

But that’s not the only permanent yet natural-looking choice. For folks missing a few adjacent teeth, dental bridges may do the trick. Similar to a crown, these false teeth are anchored by crowns cemented over the neighboring real teeth. They look 100% real and don’t require any cutting or reshaping of your existing healthy teeth either. 

If you’re missing multiple front teeth, a bone graft may revive your smile naturally. First, the gum tissue over your jawbone is lifted so bone graft material (usually your hip bone) can be placed underneath. This regenerates where bone has been lost so implants can be placed later on. In just a few sessions, you go from gummy grins to gorgeous grins without having to compromise comfortably like dentures sometimes require.

As for cost, thanks to care credit loans, most folks can find affordable payment plans. Sure, it may take a year or two to cover procedures. But isn’t your confidence worth the investment? And in the long run, you’ll save thousands versus replacing dentures every 5-10 years. Not to mention all the nutrient-filled foods you couldn’t enjoy before! 

We know it can seem daunting, but finding the perfect permanent or semi-permanent solution will change your life. You’ll be smiling freely in photos again and not worrying about how your mouth looks when you laugh or tell a story. 

Your youthful dental health and appearance can be restored. Give our office a call today to start planning the new smile that fits your lifestyle and budget best. Happier days are just ahead!

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