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Conquering Dental Anxiety by Separating Fact from Fiction

A beautiful, healthy smile greatly impacts confidence and quality of life. However, for those harboring dental fears, even routine cleanings seem stressful without understanding the procedures beforehand. By addressing common myths surrounding more involved treatments, we aim to take the mystery out of oral care according to the experts at Discovery Dental & Implants.

Working together, you’ll feel empowered getting to the root of what’s truly involved and leaving anxiety behind, starting today.

Root Canals Aren’t Painful

Fact: Modern root canal therapy involves no shots, drills, or pain. The root is anesthetized thoroughly before gently cleaning and shaping inside chambers. Filling and crowning protect the remaining structure, but all sensation ceases immediately according to Discovery Dental & Implants. The temporary discomfort after sensitivity wears off within days.

Extractions Are Quick & Easy 

Fact: Due to advanced training using meticulous forceps techniques and suturing, most single tooth extractions performed by Discovery Dental & Implants take just 5-10 minutes from start to finish. Any pain ceases immediately after with faster healing through proper socket care instructions. The slight throbbing dissipates within a couple of days.


A young man on a dentist chair being inspected before a tooth extraction

Dental Implants Replace Teeth Seamlessly   

Fact: Implants fused with jawbone resemble real roots, while matching crowns conceal them as any other teeth according to Discovery Dental & Implants. The minimally invasive procedure involves no shots, merely mild pressure during placement. Success rates reach over 95% with excellent long-term ten-year survival according to research reviewed by our team.

Whitening Is Completely Safe 

Fact: When performed at Discovery Dental & Implants using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide whitening agents in low concentrations, teeth become healthier through the removal of surface stains. Studies show zero adverse health effects according to the American Dental Association. Results last several years when following maintenance. 

Confidential Consultation

By separating myth from reality, fears loosen their hold according to your friends at Discovery Dental & Implants. Schedule a personal assessment to discuss any concerns privately. From that point on, you’ll recognize dental care involves minimal discomfort optimized via professional technique. Your smile, health and confidence deserve truth and empowerment to shine freely!

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