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Cosmetic Dentistry Myths Debunked by Separating Fact from Fiction

When it comes to aesthetic dental treatments, rumors run rampant. But the truth may surprise you, assures the team of experts at Discovery Dental & Implants. Separating cosmetic dentistry fact from fiction empowers informed choices about your beautiful smile.

Myth: Veneers ruin your natural teeth.

Fact: When performed properly by skilled practitioners like Discovery Dental & Implants, veneers provide an ultra-thin layer of porcelain carefully bonded to protect the remaining enamel. In reality, they shield teeth from damaging factors like acid erosion! Regular checkups ensure healthy teeth remain intact for decades.

Myth: Whitening is harsh on teeth.

Fact: At-home whitening with carbamide peroxide gel or in-office hydrogen peroxide formulas is safe when applied as directed under dental guidance. Minimal, reversible surface staining may appear but won’t penetrate or alter dentin below. Both the American Dental Association and FDA extensively research approving whitening.

Myth: Lumineers are permanent.

Fact: While very durable, Discovery Dental & Implants explains that Lumineers can be easily removed by dentists if desired, or in the rare event replacement is needed decades later due to major fractures. Their non-invasive, precision application and porcelain strength provide beautiful, natural-looking smiles without compromise.

Myth: Braces will make teeth crooked again.

Fact: With proper wearing of retainers following orthodontic treatment, teeth remain aligned, says Discovery Dental & Implants. Retainers minimize relapse by retaining new bone and gum formation. While minor irregularities may reoccur without them, maintainers work to prevent significant crookedness recurrence.

Myth: Smile makeovers require pulling good teeth.

Fact: Discovery Dental & Implants takes a conservative, biological approach preserving natural teeth whenever possible through recontouring or veneers instead of extractions. Good teeth retain jawbone density avoiding future dental issues often resulting from extractions.

Myth: Dental implants fail quickly.

Fact: When placed by experienced professionals using state-of-the-art techniques and materials, implant success rates average 97% over decades according to Discovery Dental & Implants. Failures usually stem from untreated periodontal disease or poor oral hygiene weakening surrounding gum tissue and bone. Regular checkups catch issues early.

Myth: Teeth shifting after Invisalign means relapse.

Fact: Minor changes may occur without retainers, says Discovery Dental & Implants but don’t equate to relapse. As with braces, aligners move teeth increasingly over months requiring stabilization. Wearing clear maintainers as directed solidifies new bite preventing crookedness return.

A set of veneers in different colors being compared to a patient's teeth

Myth: You’re never too old for braces.

Fact: Maturing adults face fallacies thinking braces solely improve aesthetics. But as Discovery Dental & Implants dentists explain, orthodontic correction prevents oral health issues as gums recede with aging like gum disease, cracked teeth, and deteriorating alignment hindering proper hygiene. Early treatment also means faster results.

Myth: Significant gum recession can’t be treated.

Fact: Gum grafting performed by periodontists yields high success in reversing moderate recession observes Discovery Dental & Implants hygienists. New attached tissue masks roots improving appearances and durable brushing ability long-term. Lasers effectively tackle mild cases, while custom trays containing stimulatory gels aid regrowth.

Myth: Dental insurance covers all cosmetic work.

Fact: As Discovery Dental & Implants verifies, many medical insurance policies exclude purely aesthetic procedures felt to be elective. Some cover orthodontics, but not aligners without a diagnosis. It’s wise to research specific plan details regarding coverage limitations for restorative or preventative cosmetic dentistry.

Banish rumors and fully experience worry-free dental visits and optimal care at Discovery Dental & Implants!

Complimentary consultations will clarify insurance, and payment programs for any budget while debunking common misconceptions. Your health and smile deserve the facts.

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