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Crown Your Smile Success by Choosing the Right Material to Make a Difference

Whether repairing decay, extensive wear, chips, or past root canals, dental crowns reconstruct teeth aesthetically and functionally when extensive restoration exceeds fillings or bonding abilities alone.

As the flagship dental crown material for decades, porcelain-fused-to-metal presents a durable classic foundation. However, metal-free selections witness remarkable advancements delighting even the fussiest of smiles according to the experts at Discovery Dental & Implants. 

Let’s explore these state-of-the-art options further for finding your ideal crown match!

All-Porcelain: Ultimate Beauty 

Composed entirely of translucent tooth-colored ceramic, all-porcelain crowns create imperceptible illusions of natural teeth. Crafted through CAD/CAM digital design, crowns cement onto abutments seamlessly blending in appearance. 

Updated processing now matches shades perfectly for undetectable transformations. Though more expensive initially, porcelain prevents any potential future metal allergies according to advice from Discovery Dental & Implants. 

Zirconia: Industrial-Strength Smile

A reinforced ceramic possessing unmatched strength and fade resistance, zirconia proves ideal for posterior teeth under heavy biting forces. Its high translucency mimics the most natural of smiles according to Discovery Dental & Implants professionals. Studies prove zirconia is less susceptible to stains than competitor materials as well.

Lithium Disilicate: Beauty and Brawn 

Strong yet highly esthetic, lithium disilicate fuses beauty and durability excelling in both anterior and posterior placements. 

Its blow-out resistance and translucent appearance outperform metal-ceramic according to crown experts at Discovery Dental & Implants. Adjustable shades allow the most realistic color matching compared to competitors. 

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Our team helps determine whether function demands traditional durability or esthetics warrant glass-like perfection. We utilize advancements restoring smiles naturally for confident daily wear and grins. 

Schedule a consultation with Discovery Dental & Implants to learn more about maximizing crown options flawlessly fitting both your oral situation and personality for optimized long-term success and beauty you show off proudly!

A dentist is comparing the different shades of a set of crowns against a smiling man’s teeth

Our extensively trained surgeons meticulously actuate along predetermined paths navigating dense cortical thickness for secure anchoring.

Once Osseointegration matures between 2-4 months, fixed teeth materialize.

Digital treatment plans sculpt porcelain representing patients’ ideal contours, shapes, colors, and expressions in vivid detail. CAD/CAM capabilities now mill restorations with impeccable tolerances allowing seamless seated integration crowning anchors instantaneously after mold verification.

Contrasted to instability from dislodging or tissue irritation common with dentures, All-on-4 restorations dynamically respond like natural roots. Their legitimacy emanates pure confidence to smile, chew, and live without limitations. Revitalizing oral function and facial appearance boosts not only physical but also psychological well-being.

Here at Discovery Dental & Implants, All-on-4 leads permanent solutions restoring whole personalities. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation exploring how this remarkable technology could transform your outlook once deemed impossible.

Your radiant identity awaits reassuring discovery!

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