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A new level of care with dental robotics! When getting dental implants, you need to go to the best of the best implant dentist. And that is Discovery Dental. If you need dental implants in Vegas, Dr. Mersha can help. We are the FIRST in Nevada to utilize Yomi. Dr. Mersha can now carry out intricate procedures with greater precision thanks to Yomi technology. Schedule your appointment with the top implant dentist in Las Vegas today, and experience the excellence of Yomi-enhanced dental care, including the innovative All-on-4 treatment concept!

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Dental Implants

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Dr. Mersha had grown up wanting to help people and change their lives. He discovered his love of dentistry when he realized how much confidence a smile can bring someone. Dr. Mersha graduated in 1994, obtaining his DMD degree from Boston University. Originally from Washington, D.C., he moved to Las Vegas for the weather. He opened Discovery Dental in 1999, and the rest is history! Over the years, he has also worked with victims of domestic violence, giving them back their smiles and confidence. He loves doing cosmetic work and fixed dentistry. In his off time, Dr. Mersha loves hanging out with his family, watching basketball games, and eating good food. When you meet Dr. Mersha, you will know you are in caring and committed hands.