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Diabetes and Your Oral Health

For those living with diabetes, maintaining strong oral hygiene is especially important for overall health and wellness. That’s because what happens in the mouth impacts blood sugar levels and disease management. 

At Discovery Dental, we understand the close link between periodontal (gum) health and diabetes control, working with patients to establish a balanced routine and optimizing both. Let’s explore the bipartisan relationship and key self-care strategies to tighten the connection.

Gum Disease and A1C

Chronic periodontitis occurs when gum tissues are repeatedly inflamed from oral bacteria beneath diseased gums and teeth. This puts one at higher risk for health issues as pathogens readily enter the bloodstream promoting diabetes complications. Inflammation also raises insulin resistance, interfering with blood sugar regulation. Studies affirm periodontal treatment lowering infections helps reduce A1C levels over time.

Brushing Pointers  

Thorough daily brushing removes plaque ensuring sugars don’t linger feeding gingivitis-causing bacteria. Choose a soft brush to spare delicate gums pricked by trauma from a hard brush. Electric options work well too for those with disabilities or arthritis limiting dexterity. Take time to gently clean along and beneath the gum line, plus run a go-between brush or floss between all teeth and spaces. 

Flossing Frequency   

Non-negotiable daily flossing removes debris brushing misses. Consider stimulating floss, picks, or interproximal brushes designed for tighter contact areas. Floss holders aid those with vision or mobility issues. Habit is everything – schedule flossing like brushing to form the routine easily. Never skip this critical step for your oral and overall health’s sake.

Professional Care

Discovery Dental provides specialized dental cleanings known as scaling and root planing to thoroughly scrape and smooth infected root surfaces when minor cases of gum disease start. These appointments along with routine exams catch issues earliest before worsening into serious conditions. Early detection through regular professional cleanings administered by our highly skilled team is ideal for diabetes control.

Controlled Snacking

For managing blood sugars while brushing your teeth, try rinsing with water instead of swallowing toothpaste containing sucrose. Also, avoid mouthwashes with sugars and starches. Pick snacks like vegetables, cheese, nuts, or Greek yogurt for cleaner plaque removal without major glucose spikes. Water is best afterward to rehydrate dry mouth areas bacteria find irritating.  

Dietary Guidance

Our expertise extends beyond dental cleanings. We enthusiastically discuss nutrition’s impact on diabetes and periodontal disease, advising on reducing sugars, starches, and acidic foods fueling cavity-causing bacteria. Emphasizing vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains stabilizes blood glucose while nourishing a healthy biofilm less inflammatory to gums. Achieving optimal nutrition as a family empowers lifelong wellness.

Insurance also covers our smoking cessation program, as quitting greatly decreases infection risks. Positive behavior changes snowball, so commit to diligent homecare and regular office visits upholding your treatment goals. Discovery Dental pledges supporting your journey toward balanced blood sugars and a bright, strong smile through natural years to come. You’ve got this!

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