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Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening at Discovery Dental & Implants

Considering teeth whitening but have lingering queries? Discovery Dental & Implants experts address common concerns so patients feel empowered in choosing the best-personalized solution.

Is teeth whitening safe?
Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide formulas applied as instructed are completely safe when performed according to American Dental Association guidelines. Discovery Dental & Implants follows strict protocols minimizing risks and maximizing comfort.

Will it hurt?
Some patients report mild tooth sensitivity which subsides within 24 hours for a small number according to clinical trials on at-home gels. Sensitivity occurs in less than 5% of cases during in-office bleaching according to the ADA. Discovery professionals take precautions to mitigate any potential discomfort.

How long do results last?
Patients can expect a 6-12-month duration from professional in-office whitening depending on lifestyle factors like coffee/wine intake or any new stains formed. Stain prevention through proper care helps whitening “last longer according to Discovery staff.

What shade can I expect?
On average, patients see their teeth lightened 2-8 shades brighter after treatments. The degree depends on starting color, health of enamel and gums plus oral hygiene commitment to maintaining results. Discovery Dental & Implants aims for each patient’s highest degree of satisfaction.

Which method is best – take-home or in-office?
Both provide excellent results but which suits you depends on requirements and lifestyle. At-home treatments typically take 2-3 weeks but require diligent patient compliance wearing trays. In-office whitening works faster completing in just one visit but effects may not last as long without diligent preventative care.

Is retouching needed?
While whitening results are immediate and long-lasting through diligent care, patients with stubborn stains may choose maintenance touch-ups reactivating the bleaching process every 6-12 months according to individual lifestyles and needs. Discovery Dental & Implants tailors retreatment schedules ensuring maximum satisfaction at fair prices.

How much does whitening cost?
Pricing depends on the method selected and individual dental needs starting at the $500-$1000 range for take-home bleaching systems and $600-$2000 for in-office treatments according to American Dental Association surveys. The team at Discovery Dental & Implants crafts affordable pricing plans through flexible financing. They accept all major dental insurance with minimal copays too.

Are there any risks for dental work like fillings or crowns?
As long as restorations are 6 months old or newer, whitening poses no harm according to dental experts. However, very old or defective fillings/crowns may show slight color differences after treatment. Patients are advised to consult their dentist to address the longevity of existing work before booking.

Does it affect veneers, crowns, or dental implants?
No – whitening poses no harm to dental work like bridges, veneers, or crowns which are made of composite resins and porcelain mimicking natural tooth structure according to dental research. Implants contain no dentin tubules which take in stains so their titanium base will not be discolored. Existing restorations may appear slightly lighter against brighter natural teeth.

Can teeth regain their original color?
Yes, if proper dental care habits are not maintained per recommendations from the Discovery Dental & Implants team, natural tooth color may return post-whitening over 6-12 months according to clinical studies. However, this signifies more issues may require addressing. Patients diligently following lifelong care experience permanently enhanced, healthy smiles.

Does Discovery offer extended payment plans?
Absolutely – their priority involves providing affordable, flexible treatment options meeting every patient’s needs and situation. Consultations include crafting budgets aligning procedures with insurance coverage or interest-free financing qualifying low-cost monthly payments according to income or treatment cost over 3-6 months. No patient feels excluded from achieving their ideal smile thanks to Discovery’s tailored programs!

Your dazzling smile deserves comprehending every treatment detail. Please contact the caring team at Discovery Dental & Implants to discuss personalized whitening tailored uniquely to your needs, budget, and desired confidence!

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