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Is an Implant the Answer to Your Missing Tooth Dilemma?

Having missing teeth can negatively impact confidence and function in everyday life. Whether due to an injury, dental decay, or periodontal disease, exploring implant solutions becomes crucial for restoring oral health and quality of life. As your trusted partner in care, Discovery Dental is here to decode the process of determining if implants provide the best permanent teeth replacement option for your unique case.

Starting Early on Missing Teeth 

If you’ve just recently lost a tooth and the surrounding bone remains intact, implant placement before a significant loss occurs optimizes long-term prospects. Promptly restoring spaces helps maintain existing bone essential later anchoring implants securely. Early intervention establishes foundations supporting implants as curative lifelong investments.

Dental Implant Consultations  

Our skilled surgeons carefully examine factors like oral anatomy, available bone volume, financial parameters, and medical history during complimentary consultations. Bone density, location and number of missing teeth, occlusion, or risk for future loss weigh into candidacy decisions. Non-surgical alternatives like dentures are also discussed. 

An elderly gentleman consulting with his dentist with a dentistry image on the screen in the background

Ideal Implant Candidates

In general, patients with adequate bone levels, overall good oral health, non-smoking status, and controlled medical conditions present ideal situations. Those missing a few teeth or full arches are frequently acceptable candidates unless specific factors deem alternate treatments preferable. Don’t hesitate to find out if you fall into implant candidacy.

All the Options

If bone loss, medical risks, or financial practicality preclude implants, precision dental bridges on natural teeth or removable partial/full dentures remain exceptional options. In limited cases where implants are possible but goals include expedited results, “All on 4” procedures maximizing fixtures in select areas are an advanced immediate solution. Other alternatives include “teeth-in-a-day” options that partially implant anchored. 

The Discovery Dental AdvantageFrom the initial exam to final restorations, our trained team personalizes your treatment plan assessing all factors to ensure optimal health, comfort, and esthetics. Ongoing hygiene appointments maintain your new teeth’s appearance and implant fixtures’ integrity ensuring brilliant futures together! Come find the ideal solution for your smile through a complimentary consultation today at Discovery Dental, Las Vegas, NV.

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