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Let's Keep on Grinning while Maintaining Dental Implants and Natural Teeth for Life

While modern dentistry enables beautiful solutions to replace missing teeth, optimal care remains key ensuring they endure brightening smiles for decades assured Discovery Dental & Implants. Their experts offer maintenance guidance protecting both natural pearls and restorations.

Professional Partnerships Prevail

As teeth age, visiting the dental office twice yearly including a professional cleaning and exam identifies issues early, says Discovery Dental & Implants consultants. Catching gum disease, decay, and cracks prevents expensive future treatments. Complimentary consultations address any questions.

At-Home Heroics

Daily brushing removes residue, maintaining healthy tissues encircling implants too. Small circular motions were employed over 2 minutes with an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste clean below the gumline. Flossing once daily likewise prevents tartar build-up.

Antibacterial rinses kill germs associated with gingivitis and periodontal disease if used after brushing. Interdental brushes slip between teeth where floss cannot reach due to gaps. Discovery Dental & Implants prefers Sonicare electric toothbrushes scientifically proving superior plaque removal.

Mouthwashes deliver essential ingredients like aloe to soothe irritated gums. Natural anticavity boosting xylitol gum benefits everyone, says Discovery Dental & Implants hygienists. Their customized care plans cater to individual needs.


Monitor Implant Devices

Dental implants fuse with jawbone requiring their abutments (posts) and crowns to remain pristine through meticulous care. Discovery Dental & Implants advises gently cleaning connections with soft-bristled toothbrushes or wood sticks to eliminate food traps. Don’t use abrasives like bleaching trays which could damage the crown. Periodic radiographs verify tissue stability.

Caring for Gums

Gum disease poses the highest threat causing both implant and natural tooth loss over time through weakening supporting bone structures. Discovery Dental & Implants recommends over-the-counter peroxide-based mouthwashes controlling bacteria, while prescription-strength versions treat severe cases.

Nutrition Safeguards Enamel

In addition to minimizing sugars, following a balanced, calcium-rich diet forms strong teeth and bones. Discovering Dental & Implants advises blending dark, leafy greens into smoothies or sprinkling nuts/seeds onto oatmeal for mineral absorption maintaining full mouth function into senior years. Staying hydrated further strengthens enamel.

Your oral health deserves cherishing throughout life. A complimentary consultation with Discovery Dental & Implants maps a customized lifelong regimen protecting restorations and natural pearls. Your dazzling smile merits uncompromised longevity fully experiencing confidence and joy!

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