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Long-Term Care and Maintenance with a Focus on Robotics

After investing in robot-guided implants and customized prosthetic restoration, keeping your new confident smile healthy long-term is of utmost importance. In this final post, we will discuss the role of ongoing maintenance to protect your investment and ensure it continues functioning precisely as intended for many decades to come. 

As specialists who have placed thousands of robotic implants, we understand their capacity to withstand load functionally for a lifetime when paired with diligent homecare and regular professional monitoring. 

Following your surgeon’s post-op instructions is key – avoid chewing extremely hard foods, quit smoking if applicable, and maintain excellent hygiene during osseointegration. 

Of note, the robotics used in your original surgical planning session assume an ongoing role as well. We retain your detailed 3D imaging files and digital treatment plan over the years, periodically comparing them to new scans and X-rays. This allows for extremely early detection of any potential issues before they become problematic clinically. 

For example, microscopic changes to bone or peri-implant tissues not evident in traditional 2D views often appear clearly on advanced 3D software. And since your robotically placed implants were positioned to an exact micrometer, we can precisely quantify even the slightest changes in post-placement positioning over time that may impact hygiene or prosthetic maintenance needs.

Regular professional cleaning appointments also monitor implant and prosthetic health comprehensively. Using advanced periodontal probing and intraoral cameras, any initial signs of recession, bleeding, or inflammation indicative of peri-implantitis can be spotted and addressed conservatively before affecting long-term outcomes. Supragingival biofilm management aims to protect bone levels and osseointegration.

Should minor relines, repairs, or rebasing of your prosthesis become necessary down the road, advanced digital technologies allow for highly conservative, precise, and accurate modifications. Using an intraoral scanner matched to prior scans virtually “inserts” you back into prior treatment plans with sub-100-micron precision for robotically rebasing prototypes and surgical guides when needed. 

With diligent hygiene, monitoring, and maintenance focused on robotic precision, we can help ensure your implants and restoration maintain life-long stability, function, and aesthetics. 

Contact our specialists at Discovery Dental & Implants, whenever questions arise so we can continue protecting your healthy smile for decades to come!

Fluoride treatments provide another protective layer during visits here. Whether professionally applied gels/varnishes or prescribed at-home rinses, fluoride strengthens enamel against acid attacks. It’s like fitness buffs conditioning their bodies – why not similarly condition your teeth through simple maintenance optimizing their structural integrity long-term?

Of course, beautiful smiles also reflect internal wellness. Dental exams can uncover systemic issues and early signs alerting medical doctors. Things like nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, infections, and more initially betray clues orally before widespread symptoms. Discovery Dental prioritizes whole-person health ensuring nothing slips under the radar endangering quality life down the line.

An ounce of prevention outweighs pounds of painful treatments, so don’t procrastinate scheduling today! Regular visits equip catching minor problems before they become major expenses with Discovery Dental’s diagnostic expertise. Plus complimentary consultations enable you to discuss personalized routines and maintaining oral fitness into your golden years. Your radiant smile deserves nothing less protecting its natural beauty and enjoying the myriad adventures and bright futures it holds!

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