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Maximizing Success Rates with Pre-Surgical 3D Planning

In the previous posts, we discussed what robot-guided dental implants are and walked through the placement process step-by-step. For many considering implants, success rates are a major concern that can make or break the decision. In this post, we will explore how 3D treatment planning maximizes the likelihood of a successful, long-term result.

When it comes to implant dentistry, success is defined as a stable implant that does not exhibit any mobility or radiographic evidence of bone loss after being fully restored and loaded with a dental prosthesis. Research has found the overall success rate for conventional dental implants after 5-10 years is approximately 95%. 

With robot-guided placement using 3D planning, our practice consistently achieves returns well above this benchmark. There are a few key reasons why. First, pre-surgical evaluation in three dimensions allows for a comprehensive analysis of anatomical limitations and risk factors that two-dimensional X-rays cannot reveal. This includes issues like inadequate bone width or proximity to vital structures. 

By visualizing the proposed implant sites virtually, our surgeons can often detect borderline or potentially compromised areas that might jeopardize success if targeted. 

The plan can then be modified proactively to target only dense bone stock with optimal dimensions for lifelong stability. Titanium implants fuse directly with living jawbone, so starting with the best quality bony foundation is paramount.

In addition, 3D software gives precise measurements down to the decimal of the proposed implant dimensions, pitch, alignment, and emergence profile. 

Prosthetically driven planning aims for ideal placement to support the future teeth and honor function, esthetics, and the patient’s facial structure all at once. Achieving this level of surgical predetermination was impossible without modern 3D tools.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, this advanced planning drastically improves actual surgical precision as we discussed in previous posts. Robotics keeps surgeons “on the digital rail” of the original plan during drilling, accounting for anatomical subtleties and thickness down to 1/10 of a millimeter. 

Minimizing surgical deviations from the perfect roadmap ensures successful osseointegration from day one. Together with primary stability achieved from optimally anchoring implants, this forms the ideal foundation for lifelong function and osseointegration. Proactively implementing 3D treatment planning is truly the new gold standard for implant success.

At our practice, this comprehensive approach enables us to routinely achieve long-term success rates well above other providers. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation to determine if robotic implants using 3D planning can maximize your outcomes as well. Your health and confidence depend on it!

Fluoride treatments provide another protective layer during visits here. Whether professionally applied gels/varnishes or prescribed at-home rinses, fluoride strengthens enamel against acid attacks. It’s like fitness buffs conditioning their bodies – why not similarly condition your teeth through simple maintenance optimizing their structural integrity long-term?

Of course, beautiful smiles also reflect internal wellness. Dental exams can uncover systemic issues and early signs alerting medical doctors. Things like nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, infections, and more initially betray clues orally before widespread symptoms. Discovery Dental prioritizes whole-person health ensuring nothing slips under the radar endangering quality life down the line.

An ounce of prevention outweighs pounds of painful treatments, so don’t procrastinate scheduling today! Regular visits equip catching minor problems before they become major expenses with Discovery Dental’s diagnostic expertise. Plus complimentary consultations enable you to discuss personalized routines and maintaining oral fitness into your golden years. Your radiant smile deserves nothing less protecting its natural beauty and enjoying the myriad adventures and bright futures it holds!

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