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Understanding Your Sedation Options at Discovery Dental

Discovery Dental always ensures our priority lies with having each client feel comfortable and at ease during all dental procedures. For some, routine appointments bring about dental anxiety ranging from mild nervousness to significant fear. 

While we always try to make every visit as relaxing as possible using calming office environments, explanations, and distraction techniques, further anxiety relief may be desired. Sedation dentistry presents highly effective solutions worthy of considering if trepidation could otherwise stand between you and optimum oral health. 

Minimizing Dental Anxiety 

Milder levels of anxiety most often respond sufficiently to relaxing breathing exercises, focused music, or television provided during treatment. Having a trusted dental professional explain each step helps apply logic easing apprehensions. Yet some patients require more robust assistance, especially when multiple complex procedures are planned for a single appointment.

Oral Sedation

When moderate anxiety calls for added relaxation, oral anti-anxiety medications administered one hour before appointments work well. Patients remain conscious yet calm and less distracted during treatment. Options include Valium administered dissolvable tablets in-office to take effect gradually. An experienced sedation dentist carefully monitors oral medication’s full relaxing influence ensuring safety. 

A dental surgeon with a patient during surgery
A nurse administering an anesthesia/oxygen mask on a patient awaiting dental surgery

IV Sedation  

For more involved cases, stronger intravenous (IV) sedation administered by a sedation dentist induces relaxation deeper than oral varieties but keeps patients responsive and amicable throughout treatment. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) aids IV administration blunting effects of moderate discomfort. Brief disorientation may occur upon standing after but typically dissipates within minutes as patients regain full alertness under observation ready to resume normal activities safely.

General Anesthesia 

Very rare instances involving teens, patients with severe special needs, or extensive complex surgeries may necessitate general anesthesia requiring an anesthesiologist induction rendering patients unconscious. General anesthesia reserve undergoes stringent safety protocols. Patients recuperate fully within hours of treatment ending at a surgical facility or hospital.  

Deciding Which Option Fits Safely

Consulting in-depth with our expert sedation dentists decodes which approach aligns with both your procedure specifics and comfort levels. Weighing in medical factors like health conditions maintains the utmost diligence regarding sedation administration. 

Empowering yourself with Discovery Dental’s relaxing solutions reassures facing all dental needs fearlessly knowing that we support your welfare completely throughout the time you are in our care.

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