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Restoring Confidence with a Custom Hybrid Denture

Now that your robot-guided implants have fully integrated with the bone, it’s finally time for the magical moment – revealing your confident new smile! In this post, we will discuss how our practice uses advanced CAD/CAM technology to design and mill a state-of-the-art hybrid dental prosthesis.

After assessing your unique dental goals and facial anatomy, our prosthodontists begin crafting your prototype virtually. Using sophisticated 3D smile design software and a digital library of thousands of natural tooth shades, an ideal aesthetic emergence profile, and phonetics are planned in harmony with your face. 

This digital wax-up is then 3D printed as a prototype for your dental technician to evaluate. From there, custom hybrid abutments matching this emergence profile are fabricated using advanced CAD/CAM milling of zirconia. These uniquely shaped abutments serve as solid foundations perfectly mimicking natural root structures.

After receiving your prototype approval, we move on to final impressions. Special open-tray impression copings with scannable intaglio surfaces are affixed to integrate your planned emergence profile. These impressions capture the implant positions and adjacent soft tissues down to 10 microns of precision.

Back in our fully digital lab setup, these digital impressions are virtually merged with the original DICOM scan data and treatment plan using cutting-edge matching algorithms. Now, any remaining fine-tuning of the abutment profiles or minor preparatory modifications can be made digitally before proceeding.

From here, we design and mill your state-of-the-art hybrid denture from lightweight yet durable zirconia and composite materials. Internally, it features a robust metallic framework screwed directly onto custom zirconia abutments. Externally, highly life-like composite teeth are bonded for a natural enamel layer. 

Upon completion, your new teeth are precisely seated during a brief appointment. Their exceptional fit is verified using digital techniques. From there, you enjoy your confident new bite fully secured by multiple dental implants completely invisible to others!

At our practice, this level of CAD/CAM customization and robot-guided foundation ensure precision reproduced smiles. Your substantial investment deserves nothing less than the utmost perfection – we make this a reality through innovative dentistry. Contact us at Discovery Dental & Implants for your new beginning!

Fluoride treatments provide another protective layer during visits here. Whether professionally applied gels/varnishes or prescribed at-home rinses, fluoride strengthens enamel against acid attacks. It’s like fitness buffs conditioning their bodies – why not similarly condition your teeth through simple maintenance optimizing their structural integrity long-term?

Of course, beautiful smiles also reflect internal wellness. Dental exams can uncover systemic issues and early signs alerting medical doctors. Things like nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, infections, and more initially betray clues orally before widespread symptoms. Discovery Dental prioritizes whole-person health ensuring nothing slips under the radar endangering quality life down the line.

An ounce of prevention outweighs pounds of painful treatments, so don’t procrastinate scheduling today! Regular visits equip catching minor problems before they become major expenses with Discovery Dental’s diagnostic expertise. Plus complimentary consultations enable you to discuss personalized routines and maintaining oral fitness into your golden years. Your radiant smile deserves nothing less protecting its natural beauty and enjoying the myriad adventures and bright futures it holds!

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