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Root Canals Demystified & Why Saving Your Tooth Is Usually Worth It!

Have you ever had a toothache so bad that all you could think about was getting that sucker pulled? We don’t blame You – tooth pain is no joke. But before you go yanking it out, hear me out on root canals. We know they got a bad rap, but most of the time saving your tooth is worth it. 

What is a root canal anyway? It’s a procedure where the nerve and pulp are removed from inside the tooth. See, underneath that hard enamel is a soft pulp with blood vessels and nerves. When that pulp gets inflamed from a deep cavity or crack, it can cause some serious pain. A root canal kills the nerve so the tooth doesn’t hurt anymore.

The weird part is you can’t feel that nerve – it’s so deep down. But remove it and your tooth is just like any other without feeling. The cavity or crack also gets cleaned out and sealed up tight. Most folks think all their teeth will fall out after a root canal, but that ain’t true! As long as the root and surrounding bone are healthy, the tooth should last a good long while.

So why bother with a root canal when extraction is quicker and cheaper? Well for one, losing a tooth messes with your bite and messes up how the other teeth fit together. This can lead to problems down the line like shifted teeth, worn enamel, or even more cavities. It also leaves an empty spot that collects food which can irritate your gums.

Plus, with a root canal, you keep your natural tooth. That thing has been munching away for years – it knows your chomps! Replacing it means dentures, bridges, or implants. Those all work great these days but nothing beats your teeth. Not to mention they ain’t cheap – we’re talking thousands of dollars usually. 

A root canal on the other hand costs a few hundred bucks usually. Sure, it may take a couple of appointments but it saves you way more money in the long run. And the technology has gotten so good that it ain’t even that big a deal anymore. Now they use tiny cameras and drills so precise you barely feel a thing. Heck, I’ve had patients who fell asleep during theirs!

As long as the root canal is done by a good endodontist, there’s a very high chance of success too. Like over 90%! The tooth will be just as strong as any other. Also, if it does fail down the line, extra procedures or implants are still options. At least you gave the tooth every chance instead of yanking it right away. 

The bottom line is, don’t be so quick to write off your tooth. Talk to your dentist – they’ll examine it carefully and let you know if a root canal or extraction is best. Chances are with some drilling and filling, that bad boy can be saved. Think of all the corn on the cob you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come! Root canals do get a bad rap, but usually saving your tooth is worth it. Give it a chance before hitting the eject button.

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