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Same-Day Solutions: How to Get Implants and a New Smile in One Appointment

Revolutionizing Implant Therapy with Same-Day Smile Solutions 

For decades, dental implants have successfully provided lasting tooth replacements for millions worldwide. However, the traditional process often meant extended disruptions as patients navigated multiple appointments, healing periods, and lab work. Here at Discovery Dental & Implants, we’re committed to leading innovations that transform implant experiences through advanced accelerated solutions.

Say Goodbye to the Traditional Implant Transition

The standard process of dental implants meant multiple drawn-out steps months before your new teeth. But now Discovery Dental & Implants is bringing next-generation dental innovation right here to Las Vegas through accelerated “same-day” solutions.

A happy client smiles as he looks in a mirror while a dentist watches

One such trailblazing protocol eliminating drawn-out implant transitions is our comprehensive same-day smile therapy. By streamlining surgical placement and on-site restorative phases into a single visit, patients can now regain whole new smiles instantly versus protracted multi-step treatment plans. How is this seamless transformation achieved?

It begins with detailed scans illuminating precise positioning angles without risky freestyle guesses. Customized surgical templates aptly guide optimal implant threads directly through delicate tissues with minimized disruption and trauma. Advanced computer-aided software then designs personalized replacement teeth shaped ideally to contours and aesthetics before operation day. 

Upon device placements, advanced robots or guides meticulously screw anchors along predetermined trajectories critical to long-term health and function. Intraoral scanners instantly digitize post-surgical finalization as CAD/CAM milling sculpts finished restorations to unparalleled accuracy within mere hours. No longer does time-consuming lab work delay smiles weeks.

No more discomfort from dentures or awkward gaps during a tedious treatment plan. Our advanced surgical and restorative techniques allow implant placement and your fixed bridge or denture to snap securely into place all in a single visit.  

On the day of your procedure:

  1. Your surgeon precisely angles the titanium implants directly into the jawbone using advanced robotics or 3D guides for maximum accuracy and nerve protection. 

  2. Once osteointegrated, an impression is taken of your mouth and sent immediately to the lab.  

  3. Within only a few hours, your technician sculpts your new porcelain teeth to perfectly match your existing smile.

  4. Then implantation, your customized bridge or denture clicks directly onto the positioned fixtures. 

You walk out after just one appointment with your confidence and chewing ability fully restored. No more denture adhesives or adaptation – your new teeth fit securely for life.

Does a streamlined experience that sets you straight on the path to a bright new smile intrigue you? Contact our Las Vegas office today for a no-obligation consultation. Our specialists at Discovery Dental & Implants will examine your unique dental goals and determine if same-day options could be the perfect accelerated solution. 

Experience the convenience and lifetime oral wellness that comes from your therapy being completed all at once versus over multiple disruptive steps. Your transformed smile is closer than ever – call now to get started!

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