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Separating Fact from Fiction About Invisalign Treatment

A perfect smile boosts confidence and first impressions, yet traditional metal braces, unfortunately, carry a social stigma preventing some from pursuing orthodontic care. If crooked or crowded teeth cause self-consciousness holding you back, Invisalign presents a discreet clear aligner solution transforming smiles without compromising daily activities or appearances. However, misconceptions persist surrounding its effectiveness. As your trusted partner in oral health, Discovery Dental & Implants aims to separate myth from reality to empower informed decisions.

Myth: Invisalign Only Treats Minor Issues

Reality: While more complex than mild cases, Invisalign routinely corrects deep bites, overbites, crossbites, and gaps involving tooth rotation or extraction. Regular aligner changes apply constant gentle force gradually shifting teeth into proper positions over scheduled treatment times comparable to or faster than wires. Our clinicians’ expertise customizes clear aligners addressing even severe malocclusions.

Myth: Clear Aligners Are Uncomfortable  

Reality: While new aligners may feel stiff initially, discomfort generally dissipates within a few hours and involves mild pressure, unlike wire irritations. Regular brushing and mild pain relievers minimize sensation. Aligners’ smooth polished surfaces contact teeth softly compared to brackets’ pointed edges. Patients comfortably eat and talk as normal while aligners are in place.


Myth: Clear Aligners Don’t Work as Well as Braces 

Reality: When worn as directed for recommended durations, Invisalign achieves identical structural alignment through patented SmartTrack material conforming teeth precisely. Digital treatment plans factor in each tooth’s movements and compliance monitors catch lagging progress addressed by additional aligners or refinements. Clinical studies prove Invisalign is effective when worn as prescribed.

A clear and transparent Invisalign denture being put on a set of front top teeth
A young man is happy and holding an Invisalign denture on one hand while showing a thumbs up sign on the other

Myth: Expense Precludes Invisalign 

Reality: While some insurance covers metal braces exclusively, flexible financing options and promotion discounts often place Invisalign pricing comparably or within reach depending on your unique plan and case. Our goal involves educating on all options, not pressuring any treatment unfitting your budget or preferences. We’re here to help you smile!

Myth: Invisalign Requires Perfection 

Reality: Our experts address occasional misalignments promptly through refinements. Missed aligners may prolong treatment slightly but won’t sabotage results when we work together to catch issues early. Smile transformations happen gradually, so remain patient and committed to your oral health goals.

By understanding Invisalign realities, you gain confidence in choosing discreet straightening that seamlessly fits your lifestyle. Our complimentary consultation at Discovery Dental & Implants clarifies whether it suits correcting your specific teeth for an investment in confidence and attractiveness beautifully worth it in the end.

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