Sleep Dentistry

Have you ever avoided getting necessary dental work done because you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from anxiety or stress surrounding the dental chair, making it difficult to seek important treatment and care.

That’s why Discovery Dental offers you the option of sleep dentistry. With this addition to your procedure, you can rest easy as we work.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is an addition to your regular dental treatment that is designed to help both your mind and your body relax while you’re in the dental chair. The sedatives we use counteract muscle tension and anxiety so that you can be completely comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

IV Sedation

The method of dental sedation that we prefer here at Discovery Dental is IV sedation. We love this method because it’s fast-acting and monitored closely, making it both safe and highly effective.

IV sedatives are administered directly to the bloodstream, which means that:

  • You won’t have to come to the office long before your appointment in order to wait for the medication to take effect.
  • You won’t have to wait long for the anti-anxiety effects to set in.
  • You can rest assured that the amount of medication administered will be perfectly measured for you, and adjusted as needed.

Our Anesthesiologist

We take your comfort and your safety very seriously, even during the simplest procedures. That’s why our IVs are administered by a certified anesthesiologist. This trained professional will be able to deliver the above benefits of an IV sedative with precision and confidence.

Dental Anxiety

Anxiety about dental work is more than just common. People all over the world suffer from a broad spectrum of anxieties, from minor difficulty in making appointments to debilitating terror of the dental chair.

Wherever you place yourself on that spectrum, we’d love to help you get the quality healthcare you deserve. Sleep dentistry may just be the right option for you.

Talk to Discovery Dental About Your Sleep Dentistry Options

If you would like to find out more about how IV sedation works, or what procedures you can be sedated for, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions, and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that is suited uniquely to you