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Smile Secrets from Your Very Own Dentist & Some Beauty Hacks for Radiant Oral Health

While daily dental care focuses on clinical health, slight adjustments further enhance your natural smile, claims Discovery Dental & Implants professionals. Their insider tricks below optimize appearances while protecting pearly foundations for dazzling years ahead.

Brighten Without Bleaching

Gently brush teeth twice daily with whitening toothpaste containing mild polishing agents like baking soda to help dissolve surface stains over weeks. Try charcoal-based formulas targeting deeper stains without sensitivity risks, observes staff.

Beauty Begins at Breakfast

Eating fruits provides vitamin C boosting collagen generation adjoining gums bringing out your natural glow. Citrus satiates between-meal cravings too says Discovery Dental & Implants. Whole grains, nuts, and seeds provide minerals forming strong dental architectures.

Plaque Patrol

Using dental floss or interdental brushes daily along with toothpaste prevents debris buildup imperceptibly discoloring your teeth while decreasing gum disease risks long-term. Removing stained calculus below the gumline during professional cleanings removes stubborn pigmentation.

Lip Smacking Moisture

Chapped, flaky skin enhancing fine lines vanishes with hydration. Discovery Dental & Implants advises dabbing a pea-sized amount of moisturizer on lips after brushing to seal in moisture all day while discouraging midnight snacking urges.


Smile Enhancing Liners

Custom-contoured lumineers applied to the palate hide imperfections like gaps or chips enhancing overall appearance says Discovery Dental & Implants providers. They also protect existing restorations from excessive wear.

Polish Your Personality

An open-mouthed grin spreads positive energy claims Discovery Dental & Implants. Practice confident smiles for radiating joy and charisma. Pearly whites highlight facial expressions for beautiful selfies too!

Shine On

Professional polishing removes microscopic staining between biannual cleanings. Systems utilizing minimal-abrasive pastes gently buff away years of deposits without damaging enamel. White strips provide at-home touch-ups between visits, staff says.

Beautiful Bite

Discovery Dental & Implants performs intraoral exams ensuring balanced alignment and distributes pressure preventing abnormal wear patterns leading to chip fractures. Nighttime athletics mouthguards retain aesthetics and health.

Your dazzling smile deserves optimized care plus these insider enhancements fully experience natural glow. Schedule complimentary consultations with Discovery Dental & Implants unlocking vibrant confidence and beauty from within!

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