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Sports Diet and Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Mouthguard Mouth Safe

Whether you’re playing recreational softball or taking the field professionally, taking care of your oral health should always be a top priority as an athlete. From high-impact practices to intense games, your mouth takes a real beating throughout the season.

That’s why following some key sports diet and hygiene habits is so important for protecting your teeth and jaws during play. Here at Discovery Dental, we want all our patients to feel confident in putting a smile on display despite facing fastballs or opposing defenses. Keep reading for our top mouthguard mouth maintenance musts to make game days grin-worthy!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Proper hydration is crucial for peak performance as much as it is for oral wellness. Sipping water throughout the day keeps your mouth moist, while high-quality H2O also aids in recovery after those tough doubles. But watch out for sugary sports drinks, as the natural sugars can lead to cavities if repeatedly swished around your teeth for lengthy practices or games. Stick with plain water when mouth hydration is the goal.

Snack Smart

Keeping energy levels up between halves or innings requires light, nutritious snacking. Reach for fresh fruits and veggies that won’t stick between teeth or require excessive chewing time. Crunchy raw broccoli or carrot sticks make for better halftime hastily munched between plays than sticky granola bars or chewy candy. Avoid excessively acidic or salty foods that can erode enamel over repeated exposure too.

Make It a Habit

Whether brushing, flossing, or swishing with mouthwash, it’s key to scheduling regular oral care into your day. Don’t just wing it hoping to squeeze it in before bed – habits form through consistency. Keep a mini toothbrush and floss picks in your gym bag so cleaning becomes second nature post-practice or on road trips. Bonus points for bringing a portable water bottle to rinse away debris when on the go too!

Guard With Pride

Your custom-fitted mouthguard plays a vital protective role, so maintain it properly for peak performance. Gently hand wash after each use to rid it of bacteria buildup. Air dry thoroughly then store in its guard case or sealed baggy when not in play. Bring it in for annual replacement if showing signs of wear too. With TLC, it will shield your chompers indefinitely through each season’s slams and checks.

Don’t Skip Checkups

Professional cleanings and exams catch potential issues early before they sideline your season. Mouthguards can only do so much, and jaw stress increases the risks of cracked teeth and TMJ troubles without a vigilant eye. Discovery Dental is here as your partner in sports oral care – see us regularly so ache-free smiling through trophies is guaranteed!

With dedication to these best practices, you’ll be all smiles tackling any competitive rivalry or personal milestone through athletics. Protecting your mouthguards and staying on top of your dental routine is an investment in lifelong oral wellness as well as present performance.

Keep safeguarding those pearly whites, Warriors – we look forward to seeing your shining faces of victory all season long!

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