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The Implant Placement Process with Robotic Technology

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed what robot-guided dental implants are and how the advanced computer navigation system works. For those considering this innovative option, understanding the actual placement process is equally important. In this post, we will walk through step-by-step what you can expect during robot-guided implantation with our practice.

The process begins well before surgery, with advanced scanning of your mouth. Using a cone beam CT scan, we capture highly detailed 3D images of your jawbone and teeth. This data forms the basis of the pre-surgical plan, which is where robotics truly excels. 

Our experienced surgeons use specialized software to plot the ideal location, depth, angle, and dimensions for each implant. 

Next, the CBCT data and plan are sent to our affiliated lab technicians. Here, advanced 3D printing and milling techniques are used to fabricate your customized robotic surgical guides and drilling attachments. These precisely machined guides serve as the interface between the computer navigation and your actual dental work.

On the big day, you will meet with our implant surgeon who will confirm the plan and ensure you are comfortable with the process. The vast majority of our patients feel only mild pressure or pressure sensations throughout the whole procedure since the robotic system acts as our “third hands,” handling the precision work. 

The first step involves stabilizing the surgical guides over your existing teeth or planned implant sites using small pins or screws. Our computer navigation equipment is then calibrated to these guides using an optical tracker. 

With the robotic “GPS” engaged, the surgeon receives real-time feedback on angulation, depth, and position within 1/10th of a millimeter accuracy!

From there, the actual implant placement begins. A specialized robot-guided drill is used to create pilot holes safely and reliably along the pre-plotted path. Then, the implants themselves are simply screwed into place one by one according to the original plan. The whole implantation portion usually takes under an hour in most cases.

Customized cover screws are affixed and you are on your way to healing. After just a few months, the implants will have fully fused with your living bone for lifelong stability. 

Then it’s time for that magical moment of revealing your new confident smile! Our prosthodontists will work with you to design aesthetic and functional replacement teeth that seamlessly integrate with your implants and facial features. 

We hope this overview has helped explain what to expect from our robot-guided treatment process. The precision it affords is truly transformative compared to conventional techniques. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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