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Treating Cracked or Chipped Teeth Without Fillings or Crowns

Have you noticed an unattractive chip or crack in one of your front teeth? Or are your back molars showing signs of wear from years of grinding? Cracked, chipped, and worn teeth used to mean you were headed for drilling and fillings or maybe even crowns. But thanks to advanced new dental materials and techniques, Discovery Dental is now able to save and strengthen teeth with minimally invasive treatments.

While fillings and crowns will always play an important role in major reconstruction cases, our goal is to keep your original natural teeth intact wherever possible. Not only is it more comfortable and affordable to avoid surgery, but preserving your teeth maintains your smile’s aesthetics and function long-term. Let’s explore some fantastic no-drill options we offer for many common dental conditions previously requiring more extensive work.

Micro Resin Restorations
For subtle cracks or small chips less than 2mm, bonding thin layers of composite resin directly onto your tooth is all that’s needed. During a quick and painless bonding session, we carefully clean and prepare the tooth before precisely applying several ultra-fine coats of resin. The customized shade blends seamlessly with your natural tooth for a flawless restoration you’d never guess wasn’t original enamel.

Dental bonding preserves your tooth’s structural integrity while erasing any signs of damage. As an added perk, it lets us subtly reshape or adjust tooth contours for an ideal appearance too. Costing a fraction of implants, crowns, or veneers, bonding often delivers beauty on a budget!

Dental Mineral
Going deeper, our dental mineral infiltration treatment protects cracked or weakened teeth internally without altering your tooth’s outward shape. Using a patented Technique, we flood deep micro-fissures with reactive material that reinforces areas primed for issues like sensitivity or future larger cracks. The non-invasive process is complete in one visit, restoring your mouth to comfort with zero drilling or prep work needed.

Dental Circlets
When molars show considerable wear, rather than instantly defaulting to crowns, our dentists carefully examine options like custom-contoured dental circles. Made of strong composite fiber, they are bonded onto flat spots like mini-crowns restoring ideal chewing surfaces. Comfort, function, and protection are achieved through a more natural alternative letting your real tooth structures stay intact underneath unaltered.

Lanap/Perio Laser Procedures
For severe gum recession exposing sensitive roots, Discovery Dentals’ in-office laser gum procedures regrow lost tissue for better coverage and protection. The painless laser treatments aid gum reattachment helping your gums “grow back” without surgery, sutures, or extensive recovery time following gum grafts. Plus, the slight staining many experience on visible roots often lightens considerably after the accelerated healing process.

As you can see, dentistry keeps evolving more conservatively each year thanks to innovative technology and materials. Discovery Dental is proud to offer many solutions to avoid the “drill and fill” mentalities of the past. That means giving you viable options beyond just extracting compromised teeth or subjecting you to uncomfortable crowns or root canals. We believe in exhausting all non-surgical paths to oral health whenever reasonable to preserve your original bright natural smile. Let us know how we can help you evaluate alternatives for your unique situation!

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