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Upgrade Your Smile with Non-Invasive Cosmetic Enhancements

From faded smiles that diminish self-confidence to crooked teeth compromising your infectious laugh, imperfections real or perceived in your dental appearance can hold you back from fully enjoying life. Self-consciousness understandably impacts the quality of life on levels far beyond just aesthetics alone.

Thankfully, with minimally invasive techniques Discovery Dental performs routinely, refreshingly improved smiles become an affordable reality awakening your most radiant self-expression.

Porcelain Veneers: Customized Perfection

When tooth structure appears flawed due to stains, chips, or gaps between teeth, veneers freshly façade your furnishing with undetectable ultra-thin porcelain shells mimicking natural tooth structure.

Personalized to perfectly match neighbor teeth size, shape, and shade, veneers permanently bond resulting in enhanced grins capturing admiring glances. Procedures involve painlessly removing slight tooth structure allowing ultra-thin shells’ seamless fusing.

Dental Lumineers: Non-Prepped Alternative

For milder aesthetic issues like straightened or whitened smiles, clear or tooth-colored lumineers provide a non-prep alternative. Instead of conventional veneers requiring minimal enamel reduction, these .04mm thick shells gently cement over existing teeth preserving healthy structure long-term.

Custom fabricated to your contours and proportional needs, lumineers renovate smiles negligibly invasively but exceedingly effectively.

A dentist inspecting a veneer for a single tooth

Smile Makeovers Through Bonding: Discrete Touch-Ups 

When just one or two teeth require repair or reshaping from chips, staining, or small gaps, tooth-colored composite bonding discreetly tailors them to match neighbors seamlessly.

During a single comfortable appointment, bonding material selectively restores naturalness through micro-abrasion polishing away flaws. Strong yet conservative, bonding refreshingly completes smiles attractively invisibly within the existing structure.

Free Cosmetic Consultation 

To determine if you could benefit cosmetically from Discovery Dental’s reconstructive talents through affordable veneers, lumineers, or bonding touch-ups, schedule an information-gathering session confidentially discussing all enhancement options.

Our team will suggest the customized treatment ideal for your particular situation and preferences, from cost to time investment to comfort and natural-looking results. You deserve an impressive smile that truly radiates your inner and outer beauty!

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