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What Is All-On-4?

At Discovery Dental & Implants in Las Vegas, we enjoy helping patients locally regain their confidence through innovative solutions like All-on-4 dental implants. If multiple teeth have you feeling self-conscious or impacting your daily lifestyle, it may be time to look into this simplified yet highly effective treatment approach. 

The “All-on-4” name refers to a treatment approach using just four specially placed implants to anchor either a fixed bridge or denture for a complete smile makeover. With only four anchors, it allows us to skip bone grafting which can add time and discomfort to the process.


In the past, restoring several missing teeth would often involve:

• Traditional implants placed one by one in extended appointments

• Complex bone grafting to build up ridge deficiencies

• Risks of infection or nerve damage during multiple surgeries

A couple of dental surgeons in the background performing All-On-4 procedure with a set of dental implants in a case in the foreground.

Instead, All-on-4 streamlines the process into just two phases:

  1. Placement Surgery:

Through advanced 3D treatment planning, only four implants are strategically angled into your upper or lower jaw. This allows them to securely anchor a new set of teeth despite any bone loss, skipping risky grafts. Discovery Dental’s expertise means a single precise surgery. 

  1. Prosthetic Phase: 

After a healing time, we’ll design a customized fixed bridge or denture on an advanced digital workflow. The prosthetic clicks effortlessly onto your implants for an instant and natural-looking Hollywood smile. 

Some key benefits of All-on-4 include:

• Stabilized chewing and speech ability right away versus a denture transition 

• Minimal tissue trauma from implant placement and no tooth extractions

• Proven technique for all patients, even those with low bone density

• Affordability relative to other options restoring multiple teeth

• Freedom from the worry of loose or uncomfortable dentures

Once complete, you can eat steak, popcorn, apples – anything – without fear. Smile lines will refresh your whole appearance and confidence instantly. Regular visits here at Discovery Dental can keep your implants functioning perfectly for years to come.

Does an expedited yet comprehensive solution like All-on-4 interest you? We invite you to call us today to schedule your FREE X-Ray & Consultation. 

Our dedicated team in Las Vegas will review your dental health and desires to determine if this technique is right for your situation.

Discover how just four implants can spark a whole new outlook – your beautiful new smile is closer than you think!


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