Dental Technology

stock-2The world of dentistry is changing every day, and we strive to implement modern technology and techniques to maximize patient experience. At Discovery Dental, we offer the latest technology to ensure highly comfortable procedures for our valued patients.

Digital X-Rays

A digital x-ray allows our office to acquire a detailed image of the tooth and send it instantly to a computer monitor. Digital technology gives our doctors the opportunity to get a closer look at the surrounding structures, resulting in a more accurate diagnosis.

But the very best feature of this x-ray is that it produces nearly 80% less radiation than the traditional dental x-ray!

IntraOral Camera

Our dentists have adopted intraoral cameras to get a better view of the hard-to-see structures of the mouth. This camera also allows our patients to see the images for themselves, so they can talk with their health professionals about their health and diagnoses.

stock-23Rotary Endodontics

Don’t settle for the metal file—there’s a better way to perform a root canal! Rotary endodontics incorporates electronically-powered tools for a quieter, faster, and more precise procedure. These specialized tools promote a consistent and reliable treatment while ensuring greater comfort for the patient.

Electric Handpieces

You lead a busy life, and we understand that sitting in a dental chair is not your first priority. With electric handpieces at Discovery Dental, you can improve your health and aesthetic in record time. Electric handpieces rapidly cut dental decay away so that you can regain your health and return to your daily life faster than ever.

Your Procedures Are Comfortable and Efficient at Discovery Dental!

We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the painlessness of our procedures, thanks to our modern dental technology. You’ll be in and out of our office with a brand new smile without wasting time or enduring pain! Contact us at Discovery Dental today!