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    Bouch Nakri

    I needed major dental surgery, we’re talking EIGHT Implants. I visited few dentists before one finally recommended Dr Mersha, telling me such complicated procedure would require the talents of Dr Mersha.

    So I visited the practice location where Dr Mersha explained to me in a clear and concise way what’s involved. I opted to go for the surgery.
    I was prescribed a pill to take an hour before the surgery, the pill did its magic putting me completely at ease. Then Dr Mersha assisted by the very funny and the very capable Stephanie proceeded to work on my mouth. EIGHT IMPLANTS in ONE afternoon!
    Throughout the Odyssey, I have felt NO PAIN. Occasionally, a small discomfort, but shortly lived.
    Later that day, at around 9 .00 PM, while I was home, Dr Mersha CALLED ME to enquire about my well-being. Something completely unheard of in the age of assembly line dentistry.

    It’s has been 4 days since my surgery. I am slowly moving from liquid diet to very soft food one. Post-surgery pain has been negligible. I only took 4 HALF hydrocodone pills the first 2 days and none since.
    As I am entering the second phase of the procedure, I feel very comfortable that Dr Mersha is guiding through this long complicated journey.
    The Staff at the practice are very friendly and very efficient. From Marie at the reception desk to the above-mentioned Stephanie, everyone is supercool!
    I do highly recommend Dr Mersha. I should know: I’ve had problems with my teeth all my life, lived in half dozen countries in 4 continents and visited dentists in quiet few places.

    Zeray Assefa

    Here is the scoop, the truth of the matter I was, for years, very self conscious of my smile. As a kid I had literally fallen on my face more than a number of times, HEY BE NICE, and as a result broken my front teeth. That coupled with years of drinking, coffee and anything else you had left my smile in a sad state. I was to the point the last few years of putting my hand in front of my mouth when I laughed, and had given up several social invitations, it just was not me.

    My experience from the first appointment to the writing of this review has been completely pain free. And let me tell you, at this point, I have had it ALL done. Cavities, two wisdom teeth removed, two root canals and two implants teeth over my lowers over the course of 9 months. How could this be you ask, well I have to give credit where credit is due. Dr. Mersha and his staff at Discovery Dental Las Vegas are the kindest most considerate, thoughtful, diligent and yes pretty people I have ever had the opportunity to meet, anywhere. Because they are always cognizant of the person in the chair, they are always checking to see if you are comfortable and ensuring their equipment does not hurt or distress you.

    The results; WOW, this is the smile I should have always had. Its like I have a new lease on my life is the truth, not to be so shallow but honestly I am laughing and joking and let me just say that my social life is very busy.

    Mesfin Assefa

    I had 3 implants done by Dr Mersha and couldn’t be happier. I first found him after an internet search for providers while visiting Vegas. I chose Dr Mersha because I found him to be the most credible and believable. I wasn’t wrong in my initial evaluation. I had extractions, bone grafts and implants performed (teeth #4 and #5,#6)and couldn’t be happier. I agree with all the other 5 star raters and am amazed that everyone had the same “Painless” experience that I had. He is true to his word, the price is the price and there are no ups or extras. His staff (Will and Susan ) are professional and caring, completing the positive experience. I don’t think you’ll go wrong choosing him for dental work. It was also a bonus he finished all the work in 3 visits which I coordinated with family visit to Las Vegas.

    Although having a dental implant is one of the more expensive options for filling a gap it is worth every penny and you feel so much more confident about smiling and have no worries about anything falling out!

    J Chang

    Me and my family have been patients of Dr. Mersha for over 10 years. He is a caring and kind dentist.

    I have received 2 crowns from him and countless cleanings. His work is fantastic. I am impressed with the quality of work.

    His staff is always nice. I have always had a wonderful experience going to his office. I highly recommend

    Sam Israeli

    I had a partial denture done and in less than a year and it broke twice. The second time they wanted to charge me $200 but I told them that I will not pay for such sub-standard work. They fix the pin but the denture now is loose and uncomfortable. I am debating whether I should go back there so they can attempt to fix it again or find me a decent dentist to replace this substandard work.


    I visited this office towards the beginning of winter 08. The staff was nice enough and the office was clean and professional. My dental hygienist was polite as we discussed where I worked, how long he’d been in the practice etc. Upon meeting the dentist I was very impressed with how nice and how confident he was in his knowledge for being so young. He had given me a clean bill of health and we continued to discuss setting up an appointment for a cleaning later in the week. For some reason a little unease was felt and I made the mental note to make an appointment with another dentist in the valley to get a second opinion.

    The same day I met with this office for the first time, I was scheduled to work in the evening. At work I received a phone call from a colleague upstairs regarding someone looking for me. Sure enough it was the hygienist from earlier in the day. Apparently he had been roaming around my place of business for some time hoping to run into me. Having been thoroughly creeped out I never returned to this office again.

    Last month I made a visit with a different dentist to get that second opinion. Upon this visit a large cavity was discovered and it was decided that it was surely present during my appointment with the above office.

    In short, I wouldn’t recommend this office to anyone. The hygienist completely crossed the line and the Doc. flat out lied to me about the state of my oral health.


    I was in a lot pain for days and didn’t want to go to a dentist. My mom had been this place she recommended that I make an appointment. The doctor said I needed to have a root canal. I was scared at first but decided to get it done. I was really impressed with the doc and the staff. They made me feel very comfortable and had no pain afterwards. Very pleased!!!!

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