Same-Day Denture Repairs and Relines

Dentures are life-changing in several ways. They restore the ability to bite, chew, and speak clearly, which completely revitalizes someone’s quality of life.

Mouths change over time, and dentures need to be adjusted accordingly in order to continue delivering these benefits. Unfortunately, that process has not always been a convenient one. After all, who wants to go without their teeth for several days while they get sent off to a lab?

In the face of this choice, many people choose to live with slightly ill-fitting dentures or broken teeth, just to avoid the hassle of having their dentures repaired or relined.

If this dilemma has ever affected you, then we have some great news! You don’t have to make that choice. Here at our office, we are able to do same-day adjustments, repairs, and relines!

Our Same-Day Offer

You deserve excellent dental health. No ifs, ands, or buts. That extends to the quality of your dental restoration work.

It’s our goal to provide you with exactly that.

Here in our office, we have the resources to get your dentures worked on in just one day. You won’t have to wear temporary teeth or wait for lab results before your teeth are 100% functional again!

Denture Repair | Accidents happen to everyone. With dentures, as with natural teeth, chips, cracks, and impact damage can happen in any number of ways. This damage affects the functionality of your dentures as well as the comfort and fit.

Modern technology allows us to mill out new crowns, bridges, and dentures while you’re still here in the office! Using this excellent technology, we can fix cracks and breaks in your teeth swiftly and precisely.

We also repair any damage to the base of your dentures. The way they fit is absolutely vital to perfect efficiency and effectiveness.

Denture Reline | Not all repairs to dentures come as the result of accidents or damage. Sometimes your dentures just need to be readjusted.

A pair of shoes will work better for walking, running, or dancing if they fit properly. The same is true for your dentures. Relining is the process of slightly re-shaping the inside of your denture base so that it fits against your gums the way it’s supposed to.

This process will increase comfort as well as the effectiveness of your denture set. Just as with the repair process, relining can be done with our same-day guarantee!

Don’t Hesitate to Come in for Denture Repair

You deserve well-crafted dentures that fit perfectly. If you have experienced any damage to your dentures or if they don’t quite sit properly, talk to us right away about getting them fixed with our same-day repair offer.